We love kids!

Our relaxed environment is ideal for children to experience their first dental appointment, then they cannot wait to come back again! We encourage starting good dental care at age two to three depending upon cooperation at home with brushing and flossing.
Setting a good example from an early age will assure a lifetime of healthy teeth. Regular cleanings and fluoride treatments are one of the best ways to prevent tooth decay.

Systemic fluoride is naturally present in varying amounts in a lot of foods we eat and in our community water supply. This systemic fluoride is a major building block for healthy enamel on our teeth and for strong healthy bones as well.
Topical fluoride can absorb into the outer surfaces of enamel to make the surface stronger and more resistant to cavities. It is found in our dental products such as toothpastes, mouthwash and gels. We usually recommend cleanings and fluoride treatments twice a year for all our patients, young and old alike.

We Love Seniors

We love our Senior Citizens and extend a 15% discount to all our patients who have celebrated 65 or more birthdays! Our operatories are wheelchair accessible. We offer a full range of tooth replacement options, including bridges, implant crowns, partial and even full dentures. We have same day repairs and relines of all removable partials and dentures.